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Custom Joomla Templates

Bespoke Joomla Templates

Responsive, mobile friendly custom Joomla templates are designed and built to your exact specification to provide your website with a unique and custom built Joomla template. Already have a design? We also provide a Joomla template conversion service. Try our custom Joomla template price builder.

Custom Joomla Templates Design & Build

Joomla Template Conversion

Bespoke Joomla Templates

If you have an existing website design that you would like turned into a custom Joomla template then my Joomla template conversion services is for you. I can create your custom template from PSD, JPG, PNG, PDF or existing XHTML and CSS. Custom Joomla template from £735.00

Custom Joomla Templates Conversion Service

Services for Web Designers

Bespoke Joomla Templates

If you are a web designer who needs a custom Joomla template for your client then I am able to help you. I reguarly work discretely with web designers and design agencies building custom Joomla templates and complete Joomla website developments for their clients.

Services for Web Designers

Have you wondered why so many Joomla websites look similar? That's because they are using commercial or free templates and not a custom built template.

I specialise in developing unique, bespoke Joomla templates. All my Joomla templates are hand coded and because they are built to your exact requirements there is much less code than you will find in commercial templates. This makes my Joomla templates fast loading, more search engine friendly and easier for you to manage. But most importantly, you get a template that looks and does exactly what you want.

All my custom Joomla templates are built to your exact requirements. I never customise free or commercial templates, so you can be sure that your Joomla website will be unique and hand coded from scratch. This also makes my templates much easier to upgrade as new versions of Joomla are released.

Prices for Custom Jooma Templates start from £735.00 - Try our Custom Joomla Template Quote Builder

I am one of a small number of Joomla web designers that actually build Joomla templates from scratch. Although there are many web designers that say their templates are custom, when you look at their portfolios you can see they customise existing commercial or free templates. They do not code from scratch to meet your exact requirements.

If you're not sure if a site is using a commercial or free template view source of the web page and look for the link to the template css file. Commercial and free templates usually include their name or initials in the name. For example Yoo Theme Squares template link would look like this

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/templates/yoo_square/css/css-file-name.css" type="text/css" />

If you have an idea, but you are not sure exactly what you want then, based on your brief, I will produce a design concept which consists of 2-3 screenshots showing you how key pages of your website will look and function. Additional screenshots can be produced as required. You will have the opportunity to make adjustments to this design and then once approved I will develop your bespoke Joomla template. The cost of designing and developing your custom Joomla template is £1225.00.

If you already have a design I provide a comprehensive Joomla template conversion service converting your existing HTML, JPEG, Photoshop, PSD design into a custom Joomla template, installed and configured with your Joomla website. The cost of developing your custom template from an existing design is £735.00.

I also work with web designers who need a custom Joomla template for their client's website.

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