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Mobile First, Accessible and User Experience lead design process.

But what exactly does this mean, for you, your business, your website and your website visitors?

Mobile First

Over 50% visits to UK websites in 2021 were on mobile devices and that figure is rising all the time. Many households only have mobile devices. So it is essential that your website is mobile friendly.

With a Mobile First design approach, we design the website for use on mobile devices and then adapt the design for larger laptop and desktop screens.

This is not only important for your site visitors experience, but it is also taken into account by Google, when ranking your website.

Accessible & Inclusive

Most people think of Accessibility as all about visually impaired people being able to access your website. While this is important, accessibility is so much more. Again, this is a factor taken into account by Google.

With our handcoded bespoke Joomla templates and custom YOOtheme Pro based templates (Pro Custom & Pro Bespoke templates), we can achieve a Google Lighthouse score of 98-100% for accessibility, best practice and SEO!

User Experience

Our initial discovery phase is all about finding out as much as possible about your business, your customer base, existing website users and potential new customers. This together with what they need from your website and what you would like them to do while on your website, is where our User Experience design process starts.

Making your website work for your business and your customers.

Sarah Hayes | 443i
Designing & building websites since 1997

Sarah Hayes has been designing and building websites since 1997 - Joomla

Sarah Hayes has been designing and building websites since 1997 and specalising in Joomla website design, development, training, support and hosting since the birth of Joomla! in 2005 (and Mambo before that).

We are recommended by YOOtheme as an expert in building websites with YOOtheme Pro

All our websites are built to your unique requirements and budget. From initial design concept and user journey, to the development of your bespoke Joomla website, training, ongoing support and hosting. Everything can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

We understand that your business, or organisation, is unique and one size doesn't fit all. So although we show package prices, so you can see how much everything costs, everything can be customised.

We don't build your website and leave you to go it alone, while we move on to the next new customer. We value all our customers and offer a range of ongoing support, training and hosting services. We have clients that have been with us over 17 years!

We operate a transparent pricing policy.
We hate it when we visit a website and have no idea how much the service or product is going to cost. It can often leave you wonder if the company will make the price up, depending on the size of your company or budget. Our pricing is clearly shown throughout this website, so even before you contact us, you will have a good idea of cost.

Give our Website Cost Calculator a try. It enables you to add and remove different features, to suit your budget.

About Sarah Hayes | 443i

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