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Pay as you go support and development

Pay as you go Content Management, Website Support & Maintenace, Security Services and Design & Development is available for all support contract and support retainer customers.

Blocks of hours never expire, even if our prices increase.

Instead of having one flat rate for everything, we feel it is fairer to have different rates, for different tasks and skillsets. What you pay, is commensurate with the skill level.

We only provide support for websites that we host. If you are not already a hosting customer, you will need to transfer your hosting to over to us. Hosting starts from only £125.00 per year.

Our rates

Blocks of hours are purchased in advance and can be used on a specific project or as you need them. Blocks of purchased hours never expire, even if our prices increase.

Design and development projects over £1000.00 are usually invoiced 50% in advance, followed by one or two further payments, at specified project milestones. As part of our quotation process, we produce a detailed project proposal.

For new or full website design & development projects please see our Joomla Websites & Templates Design & Development services.

Content Management

  • Includes tasks such as:

    • Creating and editing Joomla articles
    • Creating blog articles
    • Content layout and styling
    • Creating articles templates
    • Resizing, cropping and optimising images
    • Creating image galleries
    • Creating image sliders
    • Adding shop products data
    • Adding event details data
    • Creating new menu items
    • Configuring modules
    • Data input

    Our Content Management base is £45.00 per hour discounted to:

  • Block of 10 hours
    (£35.00 per hour)


General Support & Maintenance

  • Includes tasks such as:

    • Content Management
    • Image optimisation
    • Data input
    • Configuring modulesWebsite support
    • Troubleshooting
    • Fixing problems
    • Installing Joomla updates
    • Installing extension updates
    • Installing & configuring standard extensions
    • Creating online courses & assessments
    • Template tweaks
    • Staff training

    Our Support & Maintenace base rate is £55.00 per hour discounted to:

  • Block of 5 hours
    (from £45.00 per hour)

  • Block of 10 hours
    (from £40.00 per hour)


Design & Development

  • Includes tasks such as:

    • Joomla website design & development
    • Template design & development
    • Bespoke Joomla template development
    • Template overrides
    • Extension themes
    • YOOtheme Joomla & Wordpress themes, design & development
    • Creating Page Builder layouts
    • Creating page layouts
    • UI/UX, Inclusive & Accessibility
    • Website audits and reviews
    • Joomla Upgrades & Migrations
    • Complex Joomla Upgrades & Migrations
    • Data migration
    • Installing & configuring complex extensions
    • Extension development (from £5000.00)
    • Consultancy

    • Project management services
      Having problems with your existing Joomla project/developer/designer? We can step in and get your project back on track.
  • Our Design & Development base rate is £65.00 per hour discounted to:

  • Block of 10 hours
    (£55.00 per hour)


Please see Website Design & Development services for projects over 20 hours.

You will be transferred to our Customer Support website to complete your purchase

What's covered under our different rates

Support contract comparison

ServiceContent management rateSupport & maintenace rateDesign & development rate
Website content

Creating new articles, article layout, creating article layout templates

Creating and editing articles

Creating article layouts and templates

Optimising image
Resizing, cropping and optimising images.

Everyday admin tasks

Everyday admin tasks such as creating articles, content layout, creating menu items, optimising images etc.

Shop products
Adding shop products.

Data input

Adding data and content to extensions such as event booking, document downloads, photo galleries etc.

Online course creation
Creating online courses and online assessments/test/exams.

Install Joomla updates

Install Joomla maintenace & security updates.

Install extension updates
Install extension maintenance and security updates.

Installing & configuring extensions

Sourcing, testing, installing and configuring extensions.

Support for up to 3 named members of your staff.


Troubleshooting and resolving issues you may have with your website or extensions.

Template tweaks

Tweaks and customisation to your Joomla template.

Website Audits
Website audits, reviews and reporting. Market research.

Custom template design & development
The design and development of custom templates.

Website design and development
Designing and developing Joomla websites. Joomla website packages.

Consultancy and advice

Consultancy and advice.

User experience based design. Storyboards and prototyping.

Inclusive & Accessible
Inclusive and Accessible design and development. Accessibilty auditing.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help

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