One to One Joomla 4 Training Available

Friendly & relaxed - One to One - Available via Zoom or MS Teams - Training to suit your learning style.

Joomla Training Beginners

joomla beginners training

Our Joomla Training Beginners Course is aimed at people who have never used Joomla before, or those who are not confident using Joomla. We cover the basics of Joomla including creating and editing pages, adding tables, images and links, creating article categories, creating menu items and managing users.

Joomla 3 & 4 Beginners Course

Joomla Training Intermediate

joomla intermediate training

Our Intermediate Joomla Training Course is aimed at website owners and those with some experience of Joomla who will be carrying out day to day tasks such as creating and editing content including tables, inserting images and links, managing menus, managing users, taking backups and installing updates.

Joomla 3 & 4 Intermediate Course

Joomla Everyday Admin

joomla everyday admin training

Our Everyday Joomla Administrator Training Course covers the essentials for day-to-day management of your website. Topics covers include Content Manager, Media Manager, Menu Manager, Module Manager, Plug-in Manager, User Manager, essential extension, backups and installing updates.

Joomla 3 & 4 Everyday Admin Course

2 Day Administrator Training

joomla administrator training

Our Joomla Administrator course covers everything you need to know about managing your Joomla website. The course is taken over two days and covers day to day management of your Joomla website plus advanced skills such as installing Joomla and third party extensions and Joomla security.

Joomla 3 & 4 Administrator Training

Super User Training

joomla super user training

Our NEW Super User Joomla 3 & 4 Training Course covers all the features available to Super User Administrator. This is a 5 hour course and will cover all aspects of managing your Joomla website including configuring Joomla, installing and configuring, installing updates and SEO configure of your Joomla website.

Joomla Super User Training

Building Joomla Websites

joomla build your own training

Our Building Your Own Joomla Website is a 3 day course that covers everything from initial site planning, installing Joomla, extension selection and installation, site security, template tweaks, through to creating content, uploading your website, installing updates and on going maintence.

Build you own Joomla website

Installing Joomla

joomla advanced training

Our Installing Joomla course is aimed at those with experience of managing a Joomla website and/or general web design skills. We cover creating mySQL databases, MAMP/WAMP, installing and configuring  your Joomla website and transferring your website from one server to another, both manually and using software.

Installing Joomla Course

Bespoke Joomla Training

joomla bespoke training

In addition to our wide range of Joomla Training Courses we are also offer Bespoke Joomla Training. If you have a particular aspect of Joomla that you need training on such as a particular extension, creating Joomla templates, building a Joomla website from scratch, then we can help.

Bespoke Joomla Training Courses

Article Layout Training

joomla article layout training

As part of your course we will look at the features of different add-on editors and select the most suitable one for your needs. Using JCE Editor you will be shown, and have the opportunity to use, the advanced features to style and layout your content, tables, images, create styles using CSS and more.

Article Layout Training

WidgetKit3 Training

joomla widgetkit2 training

YooTheme's WidgetKit3 extension is the next generation in content and image display. Amazingly powerful it enables you to display your content and images in an attractive and dynamic way. Get the most out of WidgetKit2 feature-rich widget builder with our 3 hour WidgetKit2 training course.

WidgetKit2 Training

RSForms Pro Course

joomla rsformspro training

Our RSForms Pro Joomla Training Course is a 3 hour course. Topics cover include how to create forms using RSForms Pro, multi-page forms, how to style your forms, form layout, embed forms, creating conditional fields, customising emails, GEO Location and PayPal payment buttons.

RSForms Training Course

RSEvents Pro Course

joomla rsevents training

Our RSEvents Pro Joomla Training Course is a 3 hour course. Topics covered include creating events, event options, modules, locations maps, event registration and ticket management, payment methods, subscription management and repeat events.

RSEvents Training Course

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