Upgrading to Joomla 4

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Is your Joomla 3 website ready to upgrade to Joomla 4?

Pre upgrade checklist:

  • Have you checked your server/hosting account meets Joomla 4's minimum system requirements?
  • Will all your 3rd party extensions work with Joomla 4?
  • Is there a Joomla 4 compatible version for your 3rd party extensions?
  • Is there a Joomla 4 version of your template available?
  • What are your options if you cannot upgrade your website to Joomla 4?

Before upgrading you will need to carryout the Joomla 3.10 pre-upgrade check of your website and carryout all the upgrade work on a copy of your website, before attempting to upgrade your live website.

In the early days of a new version release, there will inevitably be bugs, so our recommendation is that you wait at least 2-3 months before upgrading your website, unless you only have a vanilla install of Joomla, with no third party extensions.

If you are unsure of where to start, we are offering a Joomla 4 security and pre-upgrade audit.

What included in our pre-upgrade Joomla 4 security and pre-upgrade audit:

  • Check which version of Joomla and 3rd party extensions are installed
  • Check your Joomla website and extensions have been correctly installed and configured
  • Review your extensions and check that there is a Joomla 4 compatible version
  • Is there a Joomla 4 compatible template upgrade available
  • If there isn't a Joomla 4 compatible version of your extensions or template, then we can recommend suitable alternatives
  • Review your hosting environment and check that it meets the minimum server requirements for Joomla 4
  • Review your Joomla configuration is correct
  • Check your Joomla website and extensions have been correctly installed and configured
  • Scan your website files for potentially malicious code
  • Check if all the extensions you have installed used/required?
  • Check against the know extension vulnerabilities list
  • Optional extra - proof of concept upgrade

Cost of our pre-upgrade Joomla 4 security and pre-upgrade audit is £195.00. If you would also like us to also carry out a proof of concept upgrade, at the same time, this can be included for an additional charge from £125.00. Costs will depend on the number of extensions you have installed. Proof of concept upgrade is where we take a copy of your website and carry out an upgrade from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4, 3rd party extensions and template to make sure everything is compatible and working correctly.

Before upgrading your website or carrying out a proof of concept upgrade, you will need to have active subscriptions for any paid extensions and tempates.

Joomla 4 Upgrade Service

Prices will vary, depending on how many extensions and plug-ins you have installed, if there are Joomla 4 versions of the extensions available, or if we need to remove incompatible extensions and source, install and configure new extensions. Your Joomla 3 template will not be compatible with Joomla 4, so this will also need to be upgraded or replaced.

Joomla 4 training

The Joomla 4 administrator area has had a complete redesign. There are some new features to learn and some old features that have been removed. All our training courses are now available for both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

We also have a new 2 hour Joomla 4 Orientation Course, specially designed for existing Joomla 3 Administrators.

When your Joomla 4 upgrade fails

If you have gone ahead with your Joomla 4 upgrade, but it has failed, you will need to restore from a recent backup. If you are having trouble restoring, or you don't have a backup to restore too, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

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