Surrey First Aid Training website

Joomla Portfolio examples of Joomla websites - Surrey First Aid Training website is a custom designed Joomla website with EDocman, Shika LMS and Event Booking

Surrey First Aid Training

Surrey First Aid Training have been clients since 2015. During this time we have been actively developing the website. 

Surrey First Aid Trainng customers are able to book scheduled courses using Joomdonation's Event Booking, print out attendance certificates, sit online assessments, as part of the blended learning courses and the most recent addition to the website is online courses.

We have customised eDocman, Event Booking and Shika LMS and created many template overrides.

  • Custom handcoded template

  • Website development

  • Core template overrides

  • Custom DJ Megamenu theme

  • eDocman customisation

  • eDocman template overrides

  • Event Booking customisation

  • Event Booking template overrides

  • Event Booking administrator template overrides

  • Customisation of Shika LMS

  • Creation of online courses

  • Creation on online assessments

  • Shika LMS template overrides

  • WidgetKit 3

  • Ongoing support

  • Training

  • Managed Joomla Hosting

Surrey First Aid Training

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.